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Non-woven plaster stripsExtra sensitive

Almedix plasters contain skin-friendly adhesive strip bandages with sterile wound dressings for protection. Breathable material adheres securely to your skin, but it’s still painless to remove. The comfortable material is hypoallergenic and flexible.Ideal for covering all types of smaller wounds. Suitable for diabetics.

    Extra skin friendly
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First Aid comfortable plaster strips

Almedix Comfortable Plasters are equipped with flexible fabric backing for breathable comfort and relaxed fit.Almedix plasters are ideal for for covering and protection of minor, everyday wounds such as scratches, cuts and grazes. 

    Soft and flexible.
    Extra skin friendly.
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Water-resistant plaster strips

Almedix Water-resistant Plasters for the treatment of minor injuries, with skin-friendly adhesive. Absorbent pad does not stick to the wound. Adheres reliably and is breathable.

    Repels water and dirt.
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First Aid Dressing Eye Patch

It can be used for the treatment of injuries, allergic reactions and post-operative wounds on the eye.

    Anatomical shape,easy and correct application.
    Special cellulose fiber,offers protection, high absorption and comfort.
    Absorbent paddoes not stick on the wound.
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Sterile DisposableTipped Syringes ,(50 Pcs), 10ml

Oral dispensing syringes with tip caps for oral medication. Without Needle.

    It helps to deliver medication safely and precisely.
    Ideal for administering medication dosages up to 10ml.
    Clear calibration on the syringe body.
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Geriatric UrineCollection Bag, 2000ml, 50pcs

Bladder Control Devices Disposable Urine Bag, Drainage Bag, Thickened Urine Bag, for Old Men and Women, 1500Ml Anti-Backflow Urine Collection Bag.Adopting high quality medical latex material, breathable hypoallergenic, this will be safe and healthy.

    Easy to read bag scale.
    Self-adhesive part of the bag coated with anti-allergic.
    Sterile Eo, Latex Free, DEHP Free and BPA Free.
    Allows free flow of fluid into the drain bag.
    Adhesive Surface Folds to Form a Spill-Proof Specimen Transport Container.
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Disposable Isolation Gown (Pack of 5), Uni Sex.

The isolation gowns protect the care giver and /or patient from bodily fluids and other liquids that may come into direct contact with the skin.

The Gowns come with cuffs at the wrists to ensure a tight fit. They also feature ties at the back to secure the gowns to the body of the user.

    Exceptionally soft for all day comfort.
    Closed back design delivers protection from all angles.
    Knitted cuffs offer comfort.
    Neck and waist ties offer a secure fit.
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Adult Pants (Pack of 20), Uni Sex.

Holder Adult Pants provide comfort and convenience with their thin structure and anti-leak barriers designed for the active lifestyle of individuals with urinary incontinence problems. 
Keep your skin dry thanks to their high absorbency and anti-leakage barrier. Stretchy sides flexes with every move of yours.

    Perfect fit to the body in the leg and waist area with Flexi-curl technology.
    Ideal For Daily Use Thanks To Its Light And Slim Structure.
    A special odor control system that traps odor.
    An elasticated waist that wraps 360 degrees around the body.
    Material Suitable for severe urinary or dual incontinence.

Size available: S, M, L, XL

Kinesiology Tape (5cmx5cm)

For pain relief and support of Shoulder, neck, tennis elbow, back, hamstring, knee, calf, foot.High quality cotton fabric that maintains strength and stability.Extra strong adhesive to insure performance in almost any condition.
- Relieves pain.- Strengthens muscles and tendons.- Increases skin flexibility and smooth.- Activates blood circulation.- Breathable fabric for sweat management.
Color available: Pink & blue2pc/box