Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors

3rd Technology


Tn3 uses the oscillatory method to observe blood pressure. Before each measurement, inflation of the cuff establishes the "zero pressure" equivalent to the atmospheric pressure, cutting off the blood flow through the artery. On releasing pressure, the device detects the vibrations in the arterial wall generated by blood. Each pulse determines the systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as the heart rate.This advanced through innovative technology allows you to monitor blood pressure without excessive stress on the arm. It allows the machine to take diastolic and systolic readings during the inflation process. Quick inflation and deflation exerts minimal discomfort. The measurements are accurate and can be compared to those obtained by a professional.

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

3rd Generation

✅ Accurate blood pressure and pulse rate measurement.✅ Reliable design and 2-years guaranteed performance.✅ Performance equivalent to professional-level accuracy.✅ Dimensions of 73mmx49mm with stylish blue LCD and white backlight.
✅ Up to 60 records per user storage.
✅ 3rd technology with mid-inflation blood pressure measurement.
✅ Detection of an irregular pulse.
✅ Separate storages for two users.
✅ Round off of last 3 measurements taken within 15 minutes.
✅ Classification according to WHO assessment system.

Blood Pressure

 New Technology


A new technology, innovative, accurate and simple. It allows you to take a quick read during the inflation of the cuff, which relaxes quickly once the reading is finished, thus minimizing pressure on the arm for maximum comfort.The principles of measurement:Tn3 uses the oscillometric measurement method to detect blood pressure. Before each measurement, the device establishes the "zero pressure" equivalent to the atmospheric pressure. Then, it begins to inflate the cuff, meanwhile, the device detects the pressure oscillation generated by each pulse to determine the systolic and diastolic pressure, as well as the heart rate.

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