KN95 Mask Machine

The fully automatic mask production line 


Process of KN95 mask Production Line:


- Non woven fabrics are unravelled and layered to form the body of the mask.
- Nose bridge wire cut to measure before being placed on to the non woven fabric.
- A mold of the mask is then ultrasonically welded into the non woven fabric.
- Ear-band straps are bonded into place using ultrasonic technology.
- Arms and rollers fold and press the masks into shape before passing through a device that employs ultrasonic to weld the masks to their final form.

- The masks are then cut to size, with any waste material being automatically removed, and the final product ready for collection.

Fully AutomaticKN95 Mask Machine

This production line is designed for the manufacturing of K95 face masks. This specific machine is capable of welding multiple layers of non woven fabrics using ultrasonic technologies, activated carbon and filter materials, ear band welding, printing, folding and cutting edge banding. The unit can process a range of folding masks, meeting the standards of 3M9001, 3M9002, FFP1, FFP2, N95 etc. depending on the raw materials used.

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    - The machine’s production line is fully automated. - Machine accuracy ensures a high quality product, and helps to minimize the volume of waste material.- High speed and efficient ear band welding. - Pneumatic components are sourced from international brands.- Controlled through PLC programming; mask embossing, ear strap welding, built-in nose bridge, trimming can be achieved.

Machine Specifications