3PLY Mask Machine

Automatic generation can be achieved with only one person


Process of 3PLY mask Production Line:


Non-woven fabric unwinding & folding: After the whole roll of face mask nonwoven fabric is released, it is combined by the roller.The fabric is folded mechanically.Nose Bar cutting and positioning: the nose bar is pulled and released by the whole roll of nose strip.After cutting at a fixed length, it is imported into the wrapped fabric.The mask body welding and cutting: the two sides of masks are welded to the seal by ultrasonic welding, and then sealed laterally by ultrasonic, and then cut and formed by the cutter.● Ears belts placing and welding: the main body of the mask is divided into two ear belt spot welding machines by one drag two distribution machine, and the ear belt is welded by ultrasonic welding set the number for stacking and receiving.

Fully Automatic3ply Mask Machine

This machine is a fully automatic Triple Ply mask production line, excluding the loading of raw materials and start-up. Production efficiency is boosted with ultrasonic technology capable of welding layers of nonwoven materials, ear band welding and precise nose bridge insertion. Products meet the quality standards of ASTM F2100-11, providing breathability and reliable filtration.

    High efficiency
    High speed
    Fully automated
    Highly accurate machinery
    High quality Clean & hygienic

Machine Specifications