Healthy baby, Happy mum!

with our safe bottles & 100% plastic free


The first couple of years of a child’s life are crucial and can be a difficult time for any parent. At Permanenza, we want to lend a helping hand and assist parents to ensure that they have the best resources for their baby. We consider needs of babies, when bottle feeding, and implement solutions into our designs to meet the criteria. The current market for baby supplies is showing a trend of becoming more sustainable, in the UK and US market, production and sales of plastic baby items has almost been abolished. We are trying to emulate this trend across the MENA regions, and beyond, by working with BPA free materials such as silicone and glass.

Silicone feeding bottles

Permanenza new generation silicone bottles.

Glass feeding bottles

Permanenza high quality borosilicate glass.

Breast numb & Silicone nipples

Permanenza breast pump with massage cushion.